Expert Horse Care

Haras du Ry believes expert care is essential for every horse whether on a normal sport horse competition program, a young horse or a horse undergoing rehabilitation from an injury.

We provide a variety of treatments or equipment for rehabilitation and sport horse maintenance. Treatments are tailored to the specific requirements of your horse and their program. Treatment fees are available on request


François Canu is our specialist farrier, for all your shoeing and trimming needs. He works closely with our vets to maintain hoof and leg health as well as balance.

Vet Clinics

We are lucky to have fantastic vets locally at La Clinique Marais Carentan-les-Marais (Dr Edmund Roy) and Clinique Vétérinaire Saint-Roch in Saint Lô (Dr Boris Poutas).


CIRALE – The Center for Imaging and Research on Equine Locomotor Disorders – is a unique specialist equine movement hospital and training school based locally to us in Normandy.


Mickaël Pitrey  is a graduate of the European School of Dentist. His professional services are available at Haras du Ry on request

Osteopathic Treatments

Our Osteopath Caroline Lenglin has many years of experience working with sport horses. She is able to help mobilize issues and recommend exercises for you and your horse to improve movement and wellbeing.

Ice & Pressure Treatments

Adjustable temperature and compression enables appropriate therapy to treat sprains, tendonitis, cellulitis and other ailments. It also provides an excellent standard of recovery care during competitions. Compression therapy manages inflammation and boosts circulation.

Treadmill Rehabilitation & Fitness

The treadmill has infinitely variable speeds up to 13 km/h (8 mph) and a pitch of the walking surface up to 11 degrees. A custom training and therapy plan can easily be pre-programmed for the special needs of a horse. A display that is both clear and easy to use also provides an overview of the speed, distance, gradient and treatment time.

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