Buying and Selling

Haras du Ry can find your perfect horse or sell your horse to the right new rider.

Finding and buying your perfect horse

Finding and buying your perfect horse in Europe can be challenging. From currency exchange rates, vet checks, sourcing enough horses to warrant the trip, understanding commissions and fees, arranging transport, negotiating prices, and simply getting to each location. It all makes what should be an exciting time extremely stressful and prone to problems. We will start the process by sourcing video footage & results data of horses that suit your description and price range. From there we can refine your choices until you have an ideal group to try.

Our fees are;

  • Agreed commission of purchase price
  • Travel & accommodation costs to try selected horses
  • Vet checks, horse transport & all other associated costs are paid directly by the client unless otherwise arranged.

Selling your horse

Haras du Ry is a wonderful environment to stable your horse during the sale process.

  • Our professional riders will campaign your horse to ensure it is seen by spotters and other riders.
  • We will maintain health, fitness and condition to present the best horse for pre purchase vet checks.
  • We will maintain videos on our You Tube channel and can create a professional sales video for you.
  • We will present any offers to you for your consideration and will give you our opinion on the offer.

Our fees are;

  • Agreed commission of sale price

Note that Value Added Tax applies to all purchases and sales unless a horse is exported.

Sending your horse to Europe for training and sale

There are many exceptionally talented horses that never reach their sale potential because they are not based in Europe or America. Contact us to arrange for your horse to be transported to Haras du Ry.

We will then care for and train your horse for a monthly fee. When the horse is ready for sale we will facilitate the process for an agreed commission fee.

Gathering Horses at Haras du Ry

We understand that life is busy and time spent driving long distances to view and try horses can be scarce. If you are able to give us a clear description of your needs we can gather appropriate horse at a central point.

If you are particularly looking for young horses then we are in the breeding heart of France. We will speak to all of our French breeding contacts to advise your needs and invite them to present their horse at Haras du Ry.

Buying and Selling Enquiry Form

Please fill out the enquiry form if you are interested in selling or purchasing horses through Haras du Ry.